Baahubali Writer Says Krish Was Never ‘Fired’!

Baahubali Writer Says Krish Was Never ‘Fired’!

Many reports from Bollywood media suggested that Krish was fired from Manikarnika as he chose NTR biopic over their film.

Some reports also suggested that Krish’s work was disliked by major team and hence, Kangana Ranaut had to take the mantle from the director.

Krish did not respond until NTR Kathanayakudu release time and during in one of his interviews said that the movie is still his baby and he never quit the film.

But he expressed dissatisfaction about Kangana taking over and changing the film. Also said that he is taking to production house about credits.

Writer of Baahubali, Vijayendra Prasad worked on the film from inception and he clearly stated that team had to find an alternative in the absence of full-time services of Krish as movie got postponed and delayed.

Vijayendra Prasad said, “Manikarnika is a two director film. Kangana and Krish directed the film so in sync and perfectly, that I can’t say who shot what. This is a huge film for me and entire team.”

About Krish’s exit and him being upset about new scenes, writer said, ” Kangana felt new scenes are required and I concurred. We thought movie benefitted from them. Krish never was relieved from his duties as the movie got delayed, he had to be let go and Kangana took over because she has that penchant and creative vibe to direct such a film, we all liked it.”

Well, the writer seems to be backing heroine and also he is praising her to no end. We have to see, after release how will Krish will take all this?!