Sudeep’s Stunning Makeover In Sye Raa

Makeover of Kiccha Sudeep for ‘Sye Raa’ is going to be one of the highlights. He is too good as Akuvu Raju in this historical drama. Makers have got everything perfect while designing the new avatar. It’s an understatement to say Sudeep’s makeover overshadows that of Megastar. Fans of the Kannada Star are delighted to see him in this manner on the eve of his birthday.

Notably, Sudeep took part in the shoot of action sequences designed by Hollywood Technicians. Presence of sword and axe in the poster assures high-voltage action blocks.

Expectations on ‘Sye Raa’ have been increasing with each and every promotional material. It’s would be a shocker if this movie doesn’t rewrite many records.