These Films Are Kings Of Disasters!

These Films Are Kings Of Disasters!

Sankranthi and Dasara are big periods for Telugu Cinema. Big heroes gamble with their big films during the festive period.

Believing in their ability to work magic at the box office, big producers, distributors and exhibitors also gamble big on them.

So, the big movies get even bigger amounts during pre-release deals. Agnythavasi, Spyder got more than 100 crores deals on the whole prior to release.

Both these films lost more than 50 crores at the box office. Agnyathavasi lost 60 crores and Spyder 55 crores.

To give them  company, NTR Kathanayakudu joined them and it lost 50 crores at the box office. Even though NBK proved that he has 45 crores range market if his movies become blockbusters, distributors took a gamble with 71 crores on NTR Kathanayakudu.

Movie failed miserably at the box office and lost 50 crores by the end of the season and that too with favourable reviews and huge release.

Seems like a complete outright rejection from audiences towards this iteration of NTR’s story!

Well, these three films have become Kings of Disasters at the box office. Hope none add to their dishonorable list in near future.